On June 4, our CEO, Mr. Yoshino, will be speaking at the ClimateTech session of the Japan Energy Summit. “Realising Emissions-Free Fusion: Taking Nuclear Fusion from the Lab to the Market” at CleanTech Theatre

EVENT May 16, 2024

Tohoku University’s Professor Iwamura will present his latest research results at the American Nuclear Society on June 18, at the Technical session “Anomalous Heat and Isotopes in Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction Research and General”.

EVENT April 8, 2024

The Research Center for Electron Photon Science at Tohoku University, where our joint research unit is based, is now renamed as the Research Center for Accelerator and Radioisotope Science ( RARIS ) due to the organizational reform.

INFO April 1, 2024

A paper written by Tohoku University’s Professor Iwamura has been published in the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics.

SCIENCE March 5, 2024

On March 9, our CEO, Mr. Yoshino, is invited to and will be speaking as a guest speaker at the Fusion Session at SXSW 2024, the world’s largest convergence conference & festival, in Austin, Texas, USA. He will be discussing the latest findings in the field and discuss the path to practical application of fusion technology with Andrew Holland, CEO of the Fusion Industry Association, and Carly Anderson of Prelude Ventures.

EVENT February 7, 2024

A joint research paper between Tohoku University and Clean Planet has been published on the Physics and Mathematics preprint server. The paper is a summary of a talk given by Emeritus Professor Jirohta Kasagi at the international conference ICCF25, and will be published in the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science after further peer review.

SCIENCE November 30, 2023

Clean Planet presented the future with QHe at TEDxBoston Planetary Stewardship Summit 2023 at MIT.

EVENT November 13, 2023

Clean Planet appointed Mr. Atsushi Kawashima, former CEO of Kenedix, Inc., as Outside Director.

BOARD September 29, 2023

Clean Planet’s CEO Hideki Yoshino was interviewed by Hitotsubashi Business Review Magazine as part of “Entrepreneurs of Industrial Transformation” series.

MEDIA September 14, 2023

Clean Planet was featured in Forbes Japan as an industry-academia collaboration Deep Tech.

MEDIA August 3, 2023

Clean Planet was featured in Nikkei xTECH online magazine detailing the recent development of QHe IKAROS project.

MEDIA June 23, 2023

Clean Planet was featured in the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s (METI) White Paper on Manufacturing Industries 2023 (Monozukuri Hakusho, Ch.1-5, P. 36).

INFO June 2, 2023

Clean Planet appointed Kyushu University’s Professor Masahiro Kishida as Scientific Advisor.

BOARD May 22, 2023

Chairman of Mitsubishi Research Institute and the 28th President of the University of Tokyo, Hiroshi Komiyama, and ClimateTech Advocate Carl Page joined the Advisory Board.

BOARD April 1, 2023

Clean Planet was featured in The Nikkei that it was ranked #1 in low energy nuclear fusion and #13 among all types of fusion, in the global ranking of patents on nuclear fusion.

MEDIA February 22, 2023

Clean Planet appoints three new Executive Officers to strengthen the R&D structure: Chief Science Officer, Chief Engineer Officer, and Chief Thermal Engineering Officer

BOARD October 1, 2022